Moving Nav Server To A Different Domain

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Our Navision server was initially setup about 3 years ago on a Windows 2000 Active Directory domain called "". Two years ago we installed a new SBS 2003 Server and migrated all workstations over to a new Active Directory domain called "abc.local". The Navision server remains a member of the old domain, which periodically causes issues with our backups. We would like to migrate the Navision server (running native Navision 4.0 database engine on Windows 2003 Server) over to the new SBS 2003 Active Directory domain, but want assurances that this won't cause any problems with Navision and our client users.


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    Are you using Windows Authentication? If yes, you need to export the users as User names (not SIDs) and after move to new domain you need to recreate the users by adding them through these names. NAV will load the correct new SIDs for the new domain for same user than. Do not forget to create some database user to be able to login after move to new domain.
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    Do you make it right, it works too!
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    Hello Kamil,
    We are not using Windows Authentication. The users access the database through database logins. Are you aware of any other concerns when moving the server to a different domain?
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    If you are not using Windows logins, there is no another connection from NAV point of view. I do not see any other possible issue with the domain.
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    If you only use database login on native server it must go. You use an native server and not SQL Server. right :?:

    Do you have checked an direct connection on the server (with an Client on the Server). If not, test this please.
    When you can connect, than its an networkproblem (for example firewall, routing, etc.)

    Do you make it right, it works too!
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    Try to get another computer then connect that computer to the new domain (abc.local) after that install the SQL server.

    Import your user account from SQL server then export it to the new computer.

    Backup your database from your old Navision SQL server then restore it to the new computer.

    Note: Before restoring the backup create a database with the same name you have in the Old SQL server.

    I have the same problem before this is the only way that works for me and my server run as good as before.
    Sorry I dont have any better idea than this.

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    Or better if you do a testing first. And if you sure in everything then you can go for the live production server. :mrgreen:
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    So it is my understanding that I would export all the windows users (but not the SID column) in "Windows Login" table within NAV as:


    Backup the database and restore into new SQL server

    Change all instances of myolddomain to mynewdomain in exported file:


    Import file into Windows Login table in NAV

    "Synchronise ALL Logins"

    This will then populate the correct SID for each user

    Have I got this right

    What about Menus and permissions for each user, how are these retained or do they need setting up again from scratch one by one

    (Big job with 800+ users)

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    (Big job with 800+ users)

    Yes but if you have nine years to do it, it should be plenty of time. ;)
    David Singleton
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