Navision 4.0 through Citrix - Black patches problem

AsgeirrrAsgeirrr Member Posts: 3
Ever since we upgraded our Citrix Presentationserver 4.0 to Rollup package 4 we are having black areas in our Navision 4.0. If you restart the session a couple of times it gets normal but that is timeconsuming and irritating! Image to show the problem: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23608084@N04/2249808071/
None of our other published applications have this problem so it has to do with Navision somehow?
I've gone throug all settings many times also with the help of an Citrix expert but he also i baffeled. ](*,)
One thing i've noticed is that navision isn't reacting to any of the windowsize options you can alter when publishing the application. It's always the same regardless of the settings. Weird huh?

If anyone has a solution to this annoying problem please help us resolve it!

Best regards

Oscar Lindell


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    girish.joshigirish.joshi Member Posts: 407
    I've seen this problem before too.

    My only guess is that it has to do with packet loss.
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    idiotidiot Member Posts: 651
    I've seen this problem gone away after more RAM is added, but not sure if it's on client or server side...
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    girish.joshigirish.joshi Member Posts: 407
    In this Citrix support forum ( http://support.citrix.com/forums/thread ... ID=678804&)

    they suggest that it might have something do with the graphics card drivers.


    Doesn't make much sense to me.
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    garakgarak Member Posts: 3,263
    After deleting the zup file of this user, the problem was finished by us. Why ???
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    AsgeirrrAsgeirrr Member Posts: 3
    It's been a while since i posted here about my 'black patch' problem.
    This is because we recently upgraded our Navision to Dynamics 5.0.
    In my small world i thought for a faint second that this would solve my problem....but no...
    It seems even worse now and users are getting a bit anoyed.
    Isn't there anyone out there who has come across this problem and found a solution?
    I've tried everything that other users have told me to try like deleting the ZUP file, the seamless window problem and so on.
    As i noted before this is the only application that has this problem and we have other that doesn't act like this at all.
    Can it maybe have something to do with the way i'm installing it? Or is it just the SR4 for Citrix that caused this from the beginning that is the glitch? ](*,) If the later one there must be some kind of fix to this...
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    sajidhanifkhansajidhanifkhan Member Posts: 182
    I have been using and configuring citrix metaframe presentation server 4 and installed and published navision 4 and Navision 5. I did not face any problem what you are mentioning here.

    I guess you need to try uninstalling navision from citrix server and reinstall it again by following the proper procedure and publish it again.

    Could you please let me know the server OS and any SP? I can also suggest some thing if you can send me the snapshot of the error or the problem which u r facing.

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