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I'm working on upgrading a database from NAV 4.0 SP3 to NAV 5.0 SP1

Some starters info:
- Windows server 2003 with SQL server 2005
SQL server has startup parameter -T4616 so it can serv NAV 5.0 too
- NAV 4.0 SP3 client installation
- SQL server has customers NAV 4.0 SP3 database with quite alot object changes on it

- Windows XP
- NAV 4.0 SP3 client installation
- NAV 5.0 client client installation
- Client is on server's domain and sees the instance under SQL server

Startup the steps:
1.1 Taken copy of the customer database (objects and all)
1.2 Licences are okay
1.3 Has a super user and logged on
* 1.4 Adjust Cost-Item Entries (where is this, how do I run it)
1.5 SQL alter db settings are correct
1.6 The db is backed up
1.7 Tests goes through
* 1.8 Table relations does not go through (some un used customers and some codes cant be found)
1.9 All objects compile
1.10 NAV 5.0 is installed

2.1 Database works with NAV 5.0

3.1 Created new 5.0 database (has auto increment on size)
3.2 Restored the old 4.0 SP3 database with the custom objects to the new created database
3.3 Opened Cronus 5.0 database (sql has auto increment on db size)

4.1 Imported Upgrade400500.1.fob file

* 5.1 Manua data/object changes (what is this??) I guessed that it ment the export the objects convert
Installed NAV Dev Toolkit and made a cronus database for it and imported the devtoolkit objects on it so I can connect on it. but what next, how do I compare the files, there is import and such (link for the pdf which has the solution for this)
5.2 Make sure the values in Unit-Amount Rounding Precision and Amount Rounding Precision yada yada are not 0 (where are these fields?)

*6.0 Run the upgrade 5.00 step 1, this one goes through exept one field "Trans. Req Shipment (qty)", goes through is I comment that change out from the codeunit lines .. why there is no this column in the table, even its 4.0 SP3 database?
6.1 Only 1 company in the database so cant run on other companies there

*7.1Delete objects other than tables, should go OK, but need to be sure first that the old modified objects are converted to new version (help with this)

8.1Importing the objects if they work now and are "the new modified 5.0" objects

9.1not this far yet, will continue if I get to fix those earlier problems

Soo I'd need some help on those phaces marked with asterisk " * ".

Any help would be much appreciated.


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    1.4 : it is report 795.
    1.8 : It means you have used some customer nos and other codes in some tables but have deleted the record in the basetable. In general this is not a problem.
    5.1 : it means that if you have new tables or new fields (meaning:they don't exist in the Cronus) in the DB, you need to change the codeunit104045 or create a new codeunit to upgrade that data if needed. It is also possible you don't need to do it.
    6.0 : I don't know this.
    7.1 : before starting a beta-conversion, you first need to upgrade all the objects in the DB. This means you have to merge the changes you made for the customer on 4.0 in the 5.0 objects. When you are ready, you can start the upgrade-process.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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