Problem when removing id OCT

KisuKisu Member Posts: 381
when I try to run Object change tool on my objects it goes well but halts near the end, should it do that?

the ID object file is 49,895kb
and the noID one goes to 47,340kb and then stops. The cmd window does not show change and does not shutdown if I dont shut it my self.

Any solution for this matter?


Navision 4 sp4 upgrade to 5 sp1.
objects exported as txt format.


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    KisuKisu Member Posts: 381
    It seems to do that on the cronus db objects aswell which comes with the nav 5. .. argh. is the remid broken?

    Native cronus object txt file size with ID's: 53,176kb and
    noID's as far as it halts 50,584kb
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    andy76andy76 Member Posts: 616

    I am doing a migration from 4.0 SP3 to 2009 SP1.
    I ask you if the step 'Remove ID' in Upgrade Toolkit Manual is mandatory or optional.

    I can't find the tools/file remid.bat and remid2.exe. Where are they?

    Thank you
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