How to get more than 5 analysis columns

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I'm looking for a way to print more than the (rather anemic, nay inadequate) 5 columns available on a sales analysis.

The Print button on form 7117 "Sales Analysis Report" leads me to report 7112 "Analysis Report". In there, every array variable I look at has 5 elements.

What direction should I go in - Is there an easy way to do his? Or, do I dive in and start mucking with the code? (I'm brave enough to try, but smart enough to know I may not be smart enough.)



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    That's easy :mrgreen: Make a copy of the report and have at it, if it doesn't work, you can safely delete your screwed up report and make a new fresh copy.

    The report is designed with 5 columns, so in addition to expanding the dimension of the variables, you'd also have to add the controls, perhaps change the orientation.
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    Thank's - that's exactly what I did.

    I exported report 7112 in .txt so I could easily find all the 5-dimensioned arrays. There were 4, and I upped them from 5 dimensions to 6:
    ColumnValuesDisplayed@1014 : ARRAY [6] OF Decimal;
    ColumnValuesAsText@1015 : ARRAY [6] OF Text[30];
    Header@1018 : ARRAY [6] OF Text[30];
    RoundingHeader@1019 : ARRAY [6] OF Text[30];

    (You don't have to export as .txt to do this. Just change the props of the four in Global Variables.)

    Next, in each item-line secton I just narrowed the description items, shoved the 5 existing column to the left, copied/pasted/moved the 1st amount item to the end of the line, and in it's properties changed the array element reference from [1] to [6].

    Viola! \:D/


    (Next comes making 7, 8, 9, etc. versons and making the Sales Analysis Report use the correct one. :roll: )
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