VAT Reconciliation in Navision

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Hello there,
Because all Auditors ask the same question during their audit ("can you show me a VAT reconciliation report?") I started to develop such a report.

The idea is to match each VAT related G/L entry with the correspoding VAT entry and to show for each G/L account all used VAT codes (VAT product posting group) and the total amounts for Gross, Base and VAT.

So far I was quite successfull but I have one problem on the sales VAT. As soon there is a line discount, Navision creates a G/L entry for the gross income and another one for the discount. But there is only one VAT entry for the balance of the two entries. So the gross income is marked as VAT related, but the discount isn't. On my report I select only gross income and there is a difference between calculated and posted VAT.

Does anybody has an idea about how this could be solved? This problem occured in 3.70 CH and I am going to test if it has been solved in later versions.

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    I am also a little bothered by this. The discount is posted to a seperate account taken from the General Posting Setup of "Sales Line Disc.Account".

    However the fields:
    Gen. Bus. Posting Group
    VAT Bus. Posting Group,
    VAT Prod. Posting Group
    Gen. Prod. Posting Group
    are deliberately left blank on the GL posting for this discount line.

    Why might this be and if I change codeunit80 in function PostDiscount to fill them might I cause other issues elsewhere?

    The issue is that when running VAT reports these fields are filtered to find lines that have VAT relations to the VAT statement. Without them a line in the statement doesnt find the relevant line in the GL Entries.
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