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JohnJohn Member Posts: 43
Does anyone know how to give a user SUPER rights for only one COMPANY?
When I define the company name in the role for that user he still enters the default company with SUPER-rights. He also is allowed to change back his one rights to all companies in the security administration.


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    Native or SQL server?
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  • viswanathviswanath Member Posts: 24
    if u have only one database user with having super permissions u can't ristrict him to access another companies, because atleast one user should have access on total database
    so u creat another user whom do u want to restrict from accessing another companies ,with super role and and give the company name what ever u want to give access .
    for example u want john doesnot have permission to access another company which is in ur database
    then u create ur self as one user with super role and john is another user with super roll.
    now atleast one of u should have the permmission to acess whole database
    so u keep ur self as total database administrator and restrict john for one comapny what ever u want by giving the company name in user -roles.
  • JohnJohn Member Posts: 43
    It concerns a native database.
    It is a central database with 5 companies (5 different countries).
    All these companies have several users and one manager.
    This manager needs the role SUPER but he should be restricted to his own company.
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    As long as there is at least one user that is SUPER for all companies, you should be able to restrict users to one company.

    Tools, Security, Database Logins (or Windows Logins). Click Roles, and there you should see a Company column. Select the appropriate company for the user. Voila.
  • JohnJohn Member Posts: 43
    Take a Cronus database.
    Add a Company 'Cronus 2'
    Make 3 database logins:
    SuperAll with Role Super
    Super1 with Role Super for Cronus
    Super2 with Role Super for "Cronus 2"
    Select Company Cronus and finish Navision

    If start navision again and log in as Super2 you wil see that you enter Cronus with SUPER rights.
    Only after you changed Company you are restricted to "Cronus 2"
    So a dangerous part of the security depents on your zup-file.
    Hardly security!
  • Ian_Piddington10199Ian_Piddington10199 Member Posts: 167
    Which Version of NAV are you using?

    I have just tried your example on NAV5 Native and SQL

    I have 2 companies:

    I have 3 users
    SUPERALL with the Role Super
    SUPER1 with the role SUPER for CRONUS AU
    SUPER2 with the role SUPER for CRONUS NZ

    I was in CRONUS NZ when i set these up. I closed the database When I went to reopen teh Company by selecting the Company form the recently accessed list I was prompted to log in.
    I logged in as SUPER1 and promptly got Permissions warnings, which I expected. When I went to Company Open I only had CRONUS AU in the list of companies as I don't have any permissions in CRONUS NZ.

    I then tried the same by exiting NAV altogether and when I reopend the client i had the same results.

    No need to do anythign with the zup file.



  • JohnJohn Member Posts: 43
    Yes, it works in NAV 5.00 (I was working in NAV 4.01)
    Lets find if this issue is important enough for an upgrade.
  • JohnJohn Member Posts: 43
    It's too bad but, once you’re in the only company you have access to you can change your own security to all companies
    That is not really secure!
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