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    :shock: What? A topic about football here?

    My thoughts about the Euro'08:
    That Ruud's goal was in off-side, that FIFA norm says that only if a player leaves the field by himself then it is not off-side. The italian defender was clearly pushed off the field.
    Spain deserved to win.
    Holland was beautiful.
    Russia confirmed it was a good surprise, but then it went down.

    Portugal only lost against Germany because of Ricardo (goal-keeper) not being in form, and he is very bad in balls over the area (what we call centering the ball into the box and corners). Ricardo was not in form, and unfortunately Quim (goal-keeper of the Great Lisbon Eagles: SL Benfica) got injured in the last training session before the start of the tournament. I think he was going to be chosen to the starting eleven.

    Cristiano Ronaldo played injured. He was always in the medical dept. and never in training. He went on surgery recently. And now, after dating Nereida Gallardo, he's dating a colombian model. (Lucky him)

    I think it was Friedrich, a "nice" boy who plays for Germany, that, on purpose, stepped on Ronaldo's injured foot. He should have been sent off.

    After losing against Greece in our Euro'2004, it was a pitty to loose, again.

    :) Do you know why the new Adidas football is painted yellow and red? To honnor Spain for wining the Euro.
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