3.56 - What to look for when buying a printer.

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Hi there. The topic pretty much covers it. Our customer needs a new printer and we want to make sure that they can print their Navisioin 3.56 reports on it. So I need to know which features/protocols/standards this printer has to support in order to be able to print Navision 3.56 reports.

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    Hi, if you choose a printer with an Epson Emulation (e.g. LQ3700) or With an PCL Emualtion (till PCL IV), you will stay on the right side.

    You will get nearls 100% of Needleprinters get to work (take care of the "programmers Manual" by the Printer, you need the ESC-Sequences!). If you choose a Inkjet or Laser, take care NOT to buy a GDI-Version! You will never get a GDI to run under DOS-Navision, sometimes they emulate a Lineprinter, but very poor.
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