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one of my users always search the change log for monitoring the input from the users, and she always make the change log hangs up. And then, we need to do something(I don't know what exactly did by the headquarter, as we use Citrix client to connect Nav 4.0).

Now, when that user goes to the change log, the entries counter pops up to calculate the entries, and the headquarter says that they can trim the entries, as it is very large.

So, I wonder what will it affected? Like they archive the entries Or the data?
Thanks for your reply.



  • TomasTomas Member Posts: 420
    You could try deleting old change log entries using Delete Change Log Entries, and you should consider whether you need to track all the tables you are tracking at the moment.

    If you think, that you might need historical data of change log, you could write a dataport and export these entries to excel file for future references.

    As for myself the only useful point of change log, is that you can pint point "Whose fault is that". Otherwise, it just makes you database grow bigger and bigger.
  • klinspatrickklinspatrick Member Posts: 58
    Thanks! Great! Thomas
    Your answer is met my question.
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