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Hi masters,

Iam trying to keen pursue Navision . while pusuing I struck at sales price worksheet.
In sales price worksheet form we have a functions menu button . It has 3 options.
I could understand about the Implement price change, But I could not understand the functions
1.suggest item price on wksh
2.suggest sales price on wksh
Even I read F1 I could not understand the functionality .
What is the use of these functions . At what conditions we can use these functions .

Thanks and regards


  • hansikahansika Member Posts: 373

    throw some explanations...................
  • hansikahansika Member Posts: 373

    throw some light to solve this issue.................](*,) ](*,)

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    It is not really an issue, it is just that you do not understand :D I would suggest you press the help on each routine, it is quite extensive.

    One updates the price on the item card, one updates the price on the sales price table. It is not very complex really. You can define the update based upon a factor and customer groups, individual customers or all, which really relates to the sales prices, but you can filter for the items. On the sales price it depends upon how your prices are setup, if you have a mixture of all customers, customer groups and specific customers you need to run this three times as this filter relates to the setting in teh sales price table.
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