SQL View - Not Working???!!!

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Hi all,

I'm trying to use a SQL View to display a large quantity of information across several tables.

The View is written and returns the data as expected.

However, in Navision the table is "blank"

In Navision, the table's LinkedObject property is set to 'Yes' as is the LinkedTransaction (same database / server).

If I try and set the LinkedObject property to false, it complains about an existing object, and if I try and enter a field (that is not part of the view) it complains also. I'm deducing from that, that Navision "knows" it is there.

I do not believe it is a permissions issue, as I can run the view with both my 'regular' and 'super user' logins onm the SQL Server within the Management Studio. It makes no difference if I login to Navision with either of these.

Is there something that I've missed (had a look at the ADG - next to useless)? ](*,)

THanks for any advice!


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    Delete the object. Recreate the table. Make sure you change dataPer Company to No and change Link Property to Yes. At the time of saving the object Navision will make the association with the view.
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    If the view is company-dependant, please make your name like "CompanyName$viewname". use the "viewname"-name as your table name.

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