Firebrand Training NAV Developers course.

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Hey everybody,

Yet another question.

My boss has pretty much said yes to putting me through the Firebrand 8 day intensive NAV developer course. Yippee!!

I do however need to give a quick presentation to the board of directors on why they should pay £3000 to train me up.

What resources would i have access to as a fully licensed NAV developer? Any other little bits and pieces i can drop into the presentation would be most helpful.

Many Thanks



  • AdamRoueAdamRoue Member Posts: 1,283
    Hi Dave

    Obviously it adds to your skill set, makes you happoer and more likely to stay :D

    Also what is the going rate for a days developement with your partner. As a fully trained developer you can do everything your license allows - this is a tricky part as it does depend upon what you are licensed to do as a business. There have been quite a few postings on here and recently on licenses so just do a search, but you can be a fully trained developer and not have access to do anything due to the license the business is running.

    However how many days has the business paid for in the last 12 months, how many are budgetted for the next 12, your investment in training will be between 3-7 days development depending upon where you get it, should be an easy ROI.
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  • GjuddGjudd Member Posts: 1
    Hi Dave,

    Apologies if this is a little forward. I work for Firebrand Training - specialising in the Dynamics arena. Give me a call, because we may be able to provide you with the additional information you need.

    Kind regards
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