Exam preparation MBS MB7-222

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Good evening to all of your dear forum browsers.
i'am very happy to be accepted at this forum.
in fact i'am a new worker in nav 4.0 and i'am preparing the exam MBS MB7-222 and i dont no where i would begin and how i woukd deal with the exam preparation
please if you have some tip and some tools,it should be helpfull for me
that my e-mail [email protected]
thank you


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    As I've ben writing in previous post, if you have customersource subscription you may download Training Material course here:
    Navision 4.0 and 5.0 versions (6-7 languages for most of courses).
    Direct Link: https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/training/trainingmaterials/student/

    If You don't have access to the customersource - then you might purchase hardcopy (if you're working on NSC) of this training material.

    These training materials contains full information you need and also test questions (very similar to ones on exam). So after reading and understanding you may take this exam without any problems.

    Hope it helps.
    Igor Beeone
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