1 Credit Memo for multiple Purchase Invoices

mart1n0mart1n0 Member Posts: 123
We have to following request from a customer:
They have 2 invoices with items sold at a wrong price (its too high).
Now they want to make one Credit Memo for all the products of both invoices since the vendor only gave them one credit memo.
They want one line for all items with the wrong price and than another negative line for the same items with the correct price (the negative price on the Credit Memo giving the same effect as the positive one on an Invoice.
They have item tracking by lot number and some products might have been sold already in the mean time.
This does not seem to work very well, since at posting they get the error that Appl.-to Item Entry No. must not be 0 in Purchase Line Documet Type='Credit Memo' ...(with reference to the first item line in the document).
How can they apply the entries?


  • jannestigjannestig Member Posts: 999
    I think i have answered something similiar to this.

    Based on v.5

    On a credit memo you can select to either assign the document from Functions > Get document lines to reverse.

    Or you can use item charge assignments

    Enter a charge item line and qty and price etc then you can assign the the cost to the item lines you want.

    you will find one of these combination will suit your need
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