Difference between Layaway and WorkOrder?

Marco_BrambillaMarco_Brambilla Member Posts: 2
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Hi All,
Could You describe me the main difference between a Layaway and a WorkOrder?
In both case customer give a deposit and pickup the item in a second time.

Thank You,


  • jennydatjennydat Member Posts: 11
    A layaway is typically when the customer leaves the item in the store and pays off in installments. You can make payments off the item until the customer is ready to pick it up, then make final payment on collection and close layaway.

    A workorder, is a work in progress. Say for an ongoing project or an item being made such as furniture/clothes. The work order will contain all the details and when ready, it can be paid for and collected by the customer. You can't make payments off a work order, just pay on collect.
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