if there is any solution to print quickly

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I am printing one report in text printer nearly 50000 pappers are there, it takes one minute to print the one papper out put , if there is any solution to print quickly


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    1) Can you post the printer model and type? (matrix printer, laser printer...)
    2) Which drivers are you using?
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    use the printer fonts in Property "DeviceFontName" if you run this report permanently under matrix printer.

    sometimes the default driver in windows is using graphic mode :-(
    Here you can use an other driver, for example. Generic text only or some epson drivers. Must use emulation mode on printer.

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    It is a line printer from printonix. and that driver only using to print
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    Line printer will be a dotmatrix printer.
    AFAIK navision sends the dos font by default and it is superseded by the font defined on the report. Printing in DOS is fast on dot matrix printer but with windows font it goes slow. You need to delete the font on all the text box, labels etc. in your report and check the speed :mrgreen:
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    Try to define the printer as "Generic" in Windows. In this way Windows does not use graphics.
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