Budget- Not attached to GL Accounts?

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According to the training manual you can create budgets that are not attached that GL Accounts. Page 134 of the Nav 4 Finance 1 training guide says "The G/L Budgets are not bound to the G/L accounts, because you can also select a dimension code for the columns and another dimension for the lines of the Budget window. Of course this could also be a G/L account, but it isn’t necessary." However, this is in a section called "General Ledger Budgets"!

I interpret this to mean that you could have a dimension in rows, and another dimension in columns and enter figures at the level. However, when I try that, I get a "must specifiy GL Account" when I try to enter data.


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  • KonradKonrad Member Posts: 30
    G/L Account Filter must be set for the time of entering values. You can delete it later to analyse combined values for all the accounts.
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