.Net class in visual studio 2005

ACAEACAE Member Posts: 52

I have created a DLL with VS 2003 a while ago, and everything worked fine. The DLL is used to communicate from navision with a webservice of an external company. When using it in Navision, I saw all my public functions.

Now I migrated to VS 2005, and I have a serious problem: all the functions of the webservice are now also visible in Navision when I select the automation, but NOT the class I need. The reason is that when selecting the dll i get an error 'The length of the text string exceeds the size of the string buffer'. I guess that one of the functions of the webservice is too long, but this is out of my control.
Does anyone know how to 'hide' these webservice functions, so I don't get this error anymore.

This is rather urgent.

Thx in advance


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