Version Control - Record every modification on codes

duffmohduffmoh Member Posts: 20
edited 2004-02-23 in Navision DOS
Hi all,

Just want to know if there is a function in Navision that will record down every modification on the codes.

For instance, if I change the codes in a report, then the system will automatically record down the date and time of modification and also my login ID.


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  • rthswrthsw Member Posts: 73
    Both old and new navision will store the date and time in the object itself. Both are not storing the Userid. In Financials you can read this information from the Systemtable Object. So you could protokoll on the logout any made change with the userid. but if two people develop on the same database, both of them would log ALL object with their own UserID, because you can't recognise the right user on logout.
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