Navision WAP Resource Kit

StyvieStyvie Member Posts: 77
edited 2004-02-10 in Navision DOS
Does anyone know if the Navision WAP resource kit is still available anywhere.

MBS can not help me , although I suspect that this is specific to my country.




  • MuzzyDawgMuzzyDawg Member Posts: 31

    I can find this, but the WAP Resource Kit is predicated solely on the older Web Shop platform. When Navision released Commerce Portal...all of this went out the window. I know...I know...

    If you still want it, you'll need to be able to find all the old requirements for Web Shop as well and get those installed prior to moving forward with the WAP side.

    Send me an email to [email protected] to remind me and hopefully this weekend I can go through my other laptop to find this for you.

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