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I have a Header Detail form. When i press a Button on the Form, all the Header fields and two fields in the subform will become non editable. Remaining 2 fields in subform will be open to input. The Problem is i can make the subform completely non editable but not individual fields (tha 2 fields required). How to acheive that. Plz help.


  • Revolution1210Revolution1210 Member Posts: 161
    This would be one way to do it:

    Name your SubForm control (the one on your main form), e.g. SalesLines

    Create a function on your actual sub form object, e.g., SetEditable
    Code may look something like this;

    Call the function from you main (header) form as required. e.g.,

    You may also want to elaborate on this by adding parameters to the Set Editable function, giving you the ability to turn controls on/off using the same function call, eg., SetEditable(TRUE), turns controls on, SetEditable(FALSE), turns controls off.
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