Navision 3.60 through Citrix XP on W2003 Freezes permanently

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We are using Navision 3.60 build 14060. Since Monday 02.02.04 our servers kept on freezing every 20 or 30 minutes... Users could connect but after a while the servers freeze... all users were disconnected from there session.
As we were testrunning XPe on W2003 we moved all users from one farm to the other. Without any result because the problem stayed.
We have a call open at MS but they can't figure out what's causing our problem...
Somebody has a clue...
Any help is welcome.
PLz reply to [email protected] for quick response...


  • Edward_BloomfieldEdward_Bloomfield Member Posts: 154

    I think you have posted to the wrong forum. This is the forum for the old Navision 3.X (Character based/DOS) version. For Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision 3.60 you need to post to the Navision Attain forum.
    Edward Bloomfield

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    Thank you Edward for directing this user to the correct forum.

    I guess I'll change the forum names to match the actual application names.
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