Re-assessing Navision

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Hi all,
This is a bit of a strange question, and I'm not sure it's in the right forum, but here goes anyway. I work for a NAV user, but I used to work for a Solution Centre. So I've seen different databases.

We have a hugely customised NAV solution, currently running on a 3.60 SQL database, with a 4.0 front end. But it was customised from earlier versions of NAV, and although I'm new to the company, I'm pretty sure no assessments were made of current NAV functionality before applying mods to upgrades. We just kept rolling up the mods.

Now we're hitting a bit of a wall. Users are asking for more functionality, and the existing mods are so interrelated, and it takes almost as long to test as it does to code, that I'm thinking about starting some kind of review process. To analyse current base NAV (5.0?) functionality against our business needs, to see if we can simplify and/or remove some of the mods.

Has anyone ever taken this on? If I put this proposal forward, what kind of time estimate can I give? Or better yet, how do I calculate the time required to test base NAV against our mods? ROI calculation? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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