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What is the use of the Field Use as In- Transit in Location card .
Even I read the help I could not understand fully.
Please give a wonderful example to understand this field.


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    when we use transfer order for send an item to one location to another then we keep that item into intransit. because we send the item in one location and not received that item in other location in between that item is
    intrasit location
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    Other than the above said, In Transit Location is virtual location. If location having check in transit, we can't see the location look up from sale lines.
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    the information posted by ajaykt_2000 and ilayarajav are totally correct...

    some info in addition...

    "when you should use the in transit location?"

    everytime if you want to transfer goods from one location to another AND when it is supposed to need more time than going from one room/shelf to another to tranfer the goods.

    a example would be... you have two different subsidiaries with a own warehouse... so maybe this subsidiaries are in two different towns...
    if the transfer time maybe is one day, you can show with a transit location, that the goods are "on the road".
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