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I have a 40 database installed on SQL 2000. I have install the nessecary dlls (xp_ndo) and added the windows user to the SQL database and to Navison.

When I try to logon or syncronize the windows users I get the error
"A 'S' is expected here."

Has anyone encounter this problem before and how can I fix this?

Thanks for any help.


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    1) Are you able to catch the error by debugger?
    2) Try to run SQL Profiler and catch the commands which NAV sends to SQL.
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  • gaspodegaspode Member Posts: 19
    Yes - I've had this before.

    It was something to do with an invalid record in the Windows Login table that had a blank row. It is expecting something that starts with an 'S' hence the message.
  • wash64864wash64864 Member Posts: 13
    Yes I have tried to catch the error using the debug, but I never get a stop on the error. I assume this is happening at the executable level. I will try the SQL profiler, but if it is a lank record in the table then I will try and find the record an delete it.
  • gaspodegaspode Member Posts: 19
    Seriously, I have had this before.

    It was either a problem in the Windows Login table (note how the SID is a long string that starts with the letter S.

    or it was in the Windows Access Control table where the Login SID is also expecting a letter S at the begining.

    I had a rogue record in one of these tables (I really can't remember which) and I deleted it and the problem went away.
  • wash64864wash64864 Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for the help. I found the problem. You were correct. There was a blank record in my Windows Access Control table. Deleting the reocrd solved the issue.
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