Printing word document at the end of a Navision report

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Hi Folks,

I am printing a Sales order in Navision and after the report is complete, i need to print a word document that has some contract agreement. Is there any way i can print the word document within NAV and if its doable can i supress the dialog box for printer selection for Word document.

Any input is highly appreciated.



  • SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    Is the word doc multiple pages?

    We did something similar a while ago.
    I simply scanned the doc, made it a picture and added the picture to the end of the report.
  • ajhvdbajhvdb Member Posts: 672
    With a little bit of automation you can open the word document, printout, and close it. Dos a search for "word" for examples.
  • jlandeenjlandeen Member Posts: 524
    There is a Word Management Codeunit (CDU 5054) that shows how Navision works with the MS Word Automation components. this would be a good piece of code to explore to see how you can interface with Word.

    I think the Document object has a print function on it that you can use. So you should be able to write some code that opens word, loads a word document and then prints it.
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