Purchase orders and credit card transactions

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My client purchases stocked items using a credit card. I was thinking I could set up a vendor card for the credit card company. Then set up a vendor, using the credit card as the bill to. When I post the invoice,the transactions would post in accounts recieveable for the cc. I could then print computer checks to the credit card, and all would work. Is this the best method to do this? Please respond if you have any other ideas, or a more standard way of doing this.




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    Well, if you trying to keep track of transactions processed for the Credit Card company then what you doing is correct.

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    Hi Mike,

    Does your customer purchase from different vendors using this credit card ??
    If so, then using your theory, would you not have to assign the "bill-to customer no." as the cc company on each new vendor ??

    all you are wanting to do is record the cc transactions ??

    What about selecting the payment method to be one defined as "CC"??
    Or a payment journal with a batch name of CC ??

    How/where are you wanting to view this information ?? once you suggest how/where you would like to see this information displayed and what version you are running then I will have a further look.


    remember:Keep it simple
    Remember: Keep it simple
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    Hi Mike,

    I am trying to use the CC and set a GL account for the credit card payment. We are on Navision 4.00. However, the problem is by the time when you need to pay the credit card. If you suggest payment, there is nothing come out? How can we pay the monthly credit card payment and still able to do reconciliation?

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