Migrate a Navision DB to another SQL Server

ta5ta5 Member Posts: 1,164
edited 2007-12-10 in SQL General
We are thinking about to migrate a Navision DB from one SQL server to another.

I have some doubts about the SQL server logins:

I guess this should be alright because Navision sync. process will create the windows logins automatically. DB users that have special database roles should also still work, because the SIDS of the windows users are still the same. Would it also work if the new SQL Server is in a completely new domain?

I guess there would be some problems because first we have to create the new SQL server logins on the server. These new users will get different SIDS, so the datase users in the Navision database are kind of orphaned because they don't match the SID of the db login.

Any inputs on this topic would be very appreciated.


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