Sub-contracting Error(Not on inventory)

thinafansthinafans Member Posts: 88
Dear Masters,

Here i am facing the problem in Sub-contracting order /Delivery details.

While delivering the sub-components to the sub-contracter,The system showing components not on the inventory.

After checking the inventory , I conformed that my sub-components in the inventory .even though i am not able to send.

After i post the postive adjustment and the system accepted to send out.

I afraid why the system was not send earlier.

After some trial i find the cause that Qty.on.Components lines in the item card should greater than the Prod.order qty means system accepting to send out.Otherwise it is not accepting to send out.

It is a BUG or my mistake.

Pls guide me.... ](*,)


  • thinafansthinafans Member Posts: 88
    Pls any one help very urgent..

    Thanks for ur reply..
  • sharransharran Member Posts: 14
    plz check whether the items in the subcontracting order have reservation entry r not if so plz cancel the reservation of that item and then try to post it

    when putting a subcontracting order make sure that the item's reservation field is none :) O:)
    with warm regards

    --Navision Developer --
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