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Hi Experts,

I created a sales order .
I tem = Bottle
Qty = 100
Unit price = 10
Total amount = 1000
Posted that sales order with Ship and Invoice. So Invoice created.
Now customer send 23 items( Bottles ) returned because of damaged whle shipment . And cutomer told send that 23 again without any damage.
I am getting confused to do this secenario . Which one is the best option Either Credit memo Or Return order.
If I use Credit memo Ledger entries will effect of customer, G/L edger.
If I use receive option in Return order only Item ledger entries will effect except Customer, G/L edger
Which is the best option to do this type of secenario.

Thanks and regards


  • MalajloMalajlo Member Posts: 294
    You can (if it is allowed) to post shipment with negative and positive quantities. Value is 0, so nothing actualy is invoiced. Then you should dispose damaged bottles (inventory should decrease for 23 pcs). Or you can post negative quantity to location for damaged items and disopse later.
    Ledgers are affected but you have all history.

    If you don't need to give documents to the customers, use item journal.
  • ameenameen Member Posts: 217
    Thanks for u r solution,

    If I use return order then with receive option and I entered negative lines to create sales order
    1. In the Sales Return Order window, click FUNCTIONS→MOVE NEGATIVE
    2.. In the To Document Type field, select Order and click OK.
    3. Click Yes to view the document.
    4. In the Qty. to Ship field, enter 23
    5. Post the sales order with ship.

    Now my problem is The sales return order and sales order with ship will be there in sales shipment header table and ssales hipment line table.

    How to delete that both one.

    If I did not delete may be sales order which one got shipment. That order has a chance to get invoice by mistake.
    In the same way If I did not delete sales return order which one got receive , that order has a chance to get invoice by mistake.

    So How to solve this one.
  • ssinglassingla Member Posts: 2,973
    You need to invoice else the costing will go for a toss.
    CA Sandeep Singla
  • MalajloMalajlo Member Posts: 294
    As I told you, it all depends on your country laws.
    You can make shipment/return using two lines: negative/positive quantity.
    Total amount is 0. So nothing is invoiced.
    If you'll have "trouble" with invoice with 0 amount, then put check mark Correction (add field on form). That way you'll know what was the cause of postings.
    If all above is the problem, write a word document standing "thank you for bla bla and we are sending bla bla... regards...", and use Item Journal to make a positive and negative adjustments.
    Or you can separate document (invoice or return... doesn't matter) into invoice/credit memo using Move negative.
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