Dataport and date formats...

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In a dataport to export to a MySql format the next code in the OnAfterFormatField trigger allow convert the date in the right format :

Text := STRSUBSTNO('%3-%2-%1',COPYSTR(Text,9,2),COPYSTR(Text,6,2),COPYSTR(Text,1,4));

To import from a MySQL format use the code in the OnBefoirEvaluateField :

IF Text = '2000-00-00' THEN Text := ''
ELSE IF Text = '0000-00-00' THEN Text := ''
ELSE IF Text = '' THEN Text := ''
ELSE Text := STRSUBSTNO('%1/%2/%3',COPYSTR(Text,9,2),COPYSTR(Text,6,2),COPYSTR(Text,1,4));

Don't forget to use the Ansi2Ascii converter (available in the download section).
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