Projecting disk space usage

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If the disk usage has gotten to 80GB with 8 years of 1,000 employees.

Would it be correct to say that to add 6,000 more employees, while at the same time recording payroll history of the past 8 years, one would do the following multiplication:

80GB * 7 = 560GB of disk space used after addition ??

I am needing to forecast the disk usage prior to converting and bringing the 6,000 wmployees into the Navision payroll system.

Any ideas? From what I have read from some users, it would seem that there may be too many indexes against the payroll database.



  • edoderooedoderoo Member Posts: 88
    Your calculation will be correct if the added users will have the same data-usage as the existing 1000.
    I would calculate 10Mb per employee per year. So adding 6000 more employees will not add 10Gb per year, but 70Gb per year.
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