SQL –NAV Technical Kit DVD

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I've seen this offer on partnersource., filed under "December 2007 North America Partner News for Microsoft Dynamics NAV"

SQL –NAV Technical Kit DVD
The DVD was a great collaboration with both the SQL Server and NAV Support team to improve the level of NAV SQL information available.
Orderable via PartnerSource: L9KT00000SQL0500.

Here is a list of the information on the DVD:

System requirements and Hardware guide for Microsoft Dynamics NAV on SQL Server
How to install, maintain and optimize Microsoft Dynamics NAV on SQL Server
Tools for Troubleshooting Microsoft Dynamics NAV on SQL Server and links
Microsoft KB articles and hot fixes

Somebody knows what excactly is on this DVD? Is it just a compilation or does it contain new tools, etc?



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    It's a cd with a whole bunch of SQL Server related things for NAV. It has a number of articles, white papers, manuals (adg, benchmark report, Business Analytics, setup recommendations, hardware guide, security setup, SS report pack, etc). It also has the database resource kit, which has the extended session monitor, SQL key tools, the stuff that comes on the partner tools cd. Then it also has the migration objects, and the user rights tool. I don't think there's anything on there that isn't already on other cd's, but neatly packaged on one CD. It's nice to have everything in one place.
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    You know how to order?

    "Orderable via PartnerSource: L9KT00000SQL0500" doesn't give me the clue :?
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