Cannot CREATE IXMLDOMNode automation.

frgustofrgusto Member Posts: 32
I have one automation VAR like this:
XMLDOMNode Automation 'Microsoft XML, v4.0'.IXMLDOMNode

Only code I need for this error is:
Codeunit compiles.

As soon as I run the codeunit I get this error:
"Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation server identified by GUID={.......................}4.0:{..........................}:'Microsoft XML, v4.0'.IXMLDOMNode.
Check that the OLE control or Automation server is correctly installed and registered."

I have installed and tried the automation with MSXML3, MSXML4 and MSXML6, but always the same error.

If I create automation with XMLDOMDocument instead it works fine.

I'm out of ideas, I can't understand what I am missing.



  • Yaroslav_GaponovYaroslav_Gaponov Member Posts: 158

    I think the IXMLDOMNode is just interface which need to get from some object methods. For example from 'Microsoft XML, v4.0'.DOMDocument and use method createNode.
  • rvduurenrvduuren Member Posts: 92
    Hello frgusto,

    You can't create IXMLDOMNode. See for your selve in CU "BizTalk XML DOM Management" 99008516.

    Or click here..
    Met vriendelijke groet, best regards,

  • MalajloMalajlo Member Posts: 294
    You can't create automation instnace DOMNode.
    Node is initiated from DOMNodeList that is initiated from DomDoc.

    IF NOT XMLDocIn.load(ENVIRON('temp')+'\'+RemoteFile) THEN ERROR('No XML document!') ;
    XMLNodeList := XMLDocIn.childNodes ;
    XMLDomNode := XMLNodeList.item(1) ;    //Get last Node (depends on what you want)

    So you have to load XML, retrieve NodeList and then get DomNode. (in code first item (1) is retrieved, but you have loop over (child)nodes.
  • frgustofrgusto Member Posts: 32
    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

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