Navision Menusuite Problems

sabzamsabzam Member Posts: 1,149
Hi Everybody,

I have got a big issue with the Menusuites...I have read all realted entries in the mibuso and followed the instructions but still couldn't find a solution. The situation is as follows:

I have deleted the company menusuite thus having only menusuite 10.
I have created a new menusuite numbered 51.
I have removed the menusuite from all the roles in Navision and added 1 line to the All role of type menusuite but number 10 only!!
I have synchronised the permissions

Now when the user opens the Navision the Navision for some reason tries to read menu 51 but in reality it simply doesn't need it. It is known that Naviaion stores the menusuites as differences from the above but in this case we are using the original one only.

Can anyone help me out pls?

P.S. Apologies for this LOONGG explanation.


  • MalajloMalajlo Member Posts: 294
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but menu suits does not work as we think they should.
    I've deleted all menu suits that can, and then created new one (51 - add-on). Without any items it does not display.

    User sees the menu as it is with designer, but don't delete anything that is with >> mark in front of menu name.
    If you delete you custom menu in Company menu, it is deleted (and I didn't look yet how to restore original state).
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