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I have a navision install that is being used with an existing SQL application. The SQL application is transfering customer records and invoices into Navision rather than enter them by hand.
When I open an invoice the customer number shows fine but the address of the customer is not automatically populated. This only happens when you use the lookup button to lookup a customer number and change it. Does anyone know how to make this address lookup happen on demand e.g make it happen when the invoice form is opened.




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    What is happening is the Onvalidate trigger of the sell-to customer no. on the Sales header is not being executed, which means that when you bring in the information from SQL you have to run the onvalidate trigger on the Sales header of Sell-to customer no. field in order to populate all the address fields on the Sales invoice.

    I would recommend that after you bring in all the customer records, you need to write a small routine to update the sales header which is as follows:

    Declare a global variable SalesHead pointing to record Sales header

    Then write a codeunit as follows

    if Saleshead.find('-') then begin
    saleshead.validate("sell-to customer no.");
    until = 0;

    This should solve your problem.

    Best regards
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    Or, you change the program that gets the customer from the other application to do the validation, so there is no need to run further routines.
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