Multiple ADCS on one server

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Hello all,

Our client has two different Navision databases running on one server. To take of the load of this server, we decided to separate the handterminal functionality and install this on a second server.

On this server, we currently have one ADCS service, a VT100 plugin and an application server running on Database 1 Company 1. We now require the same functionality for Database 2 Company 1, but the installation wizard tells us there is already one instance of ADCS installed.

Is it possible to have 2 or more ADCS services, VT100 plugin services and application servers running on the same server, but with different port numbers? Since we have to provide a port number on the handterminal (for instance, it seems obvious that we should be able to connect to that same IP address, but with another port (for instance, thus invoking other functionality.

We were also wondering where we can find the link between ADCS/VT100 and the application server that is required to communicate with the database. In the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NAVISION\ADCS there doesn't seem to be any connection between these items, although there most certainly is one.

Any help would be very appreciated!

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    Update on the situation:

    We currently have the two Application Servers running:
      Database 1, Company 1 = Application Server 1, socket port 11322 Database 2, Company 1 = Application Server 2, socket port 11323

    (with ADCSID=<number> as a startup parameter for the application server we were able to specify the socket port, i.e. "ADCS ADCSID=11323")

    Now we need two VT100 plugins, one listening on port 6666 and one listening on port 6667. We tried adding a folder "Symbol2" in the registry (images below) in the VT100Plugin folder, but that didn't do the trick.

    Also, we are still unable to define the link between Symbol1, listening on 6666 and the application server on port 11322 or 11323. As it is right now, the handterminal is able to connect via port 6666 to both application servers if only one of them is running. If they are both running, he picks one of them.

    We need to define that a handterminal connection on port 6666 means it should connect to application server on port 11322, and when the handterminal connects on port 6667, it should connect to application server on 11323.
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    doesn't anybody have an idea? :(
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    Unfortunately it is not possible to use multiple ADCS VT100 services on the same OS, as they would have to know which settings they have to apply on them. The trick would be to "installasservice" as the NAS is capable, or to set up a parameter to know which registry entry to use.

    Since the VT100 service is relatively light, and since they are now using TCP/IP, it should be easy to set it up on another machine.

    Please also notice that setting the registry keys of multiple NASes in one VT100 (as you have provided in 00002.JPG), you are implying the the VT100 can use either of them for communicating, which is used to increase the number of working NAS threads.

    Hope this helps,

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