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I'm connected to a hosted CRM that requires a small modification to ease the work when exporting contacts from Outlook 2003 to the Microsoft CRM 3.0.

When I am exporting my contactpersons there are a lot of these contactpersons that work at the same company. So instead of writing the address, postalcode, city etc. for every contactperson I would like the CRM automaticly to take the address, postalcode, city etc. from the company and then copy it on to the contactperson.

I have been thinking about an onChange mechanism which registered when a new company (or contactperson) is entered in the "parent" field (not sure of what it is called in the english version - but the field that defines what company a contactperson is a 'child' of). When changed, it is suppose to get the address information and insert it on the current contactperson being inserted.

I am a newbie to programming in CRM and have absolutely no idea of how to get the variables from the company and then writing them to the contactperson.

Hope that some one can help me, and maybe post som code that can kick me in the right direction.

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