Video - demoing Microsoft Dynamics NAV "6.0"

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(Mind the quotes around "6.0" :) . It means it's just a codename.)

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    I would say the whitepaper is more important, but had released something similar earlier.

    Also the demo is more marketing fluff than technical, which is aimed at customers, but they are releasing it to parters so that they can show it to customers?
    my 2 cents
  • WaldoWaldo Member Posts: 3,412
    Well, I only want to share the partnersource link because I don't know what the intention of Microsoft is... . I'm sure Luke will figure this out, and will share it on Mibuso if customers are allowed to download it as well ... .

    Who knows if this is available on customersource as well... .

    Eric Wauters
    MVP - Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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  • themavethemave Member Posts: 1,058
    just watched the demo video from the download section, and for the first time, I can now see benefits to the new interface, and the role based client. all prior material I have seen, (just and end user) has not really showed me how it could benefit my company.

    the list view, being the first thing you open, instead of the card is a nice feature. There we some nice things overall
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