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sabzamsabzam Member Posts: 1,149
Dear All,

I have a field called Value which is being used in a report. Since this variable is a percentge calculation I need to release the figure with the % sign attached to it e.g. 8%. I am trying to use the format property but I must be writing something wrong. I have written the following:


Can anyone help me identify where is the mistake?


  • jlandeenjlandeen Member Posts: 524
    You should not wrap additional text for the format command in '<' '>' (angle brackets). You should try a format string something like '<value>%'.

    Alternatively try something like:
    TextVariable :=  format(IntegerVariable) + '%';
    Note that this code assumes that you have an integer variable representing your percentage value.
    Jeff Landeen - Sr. Consultant
    Epimatic Corp.
  • sabzamsabzam Member Posts: 1,149
    Hi I have finally foudn out the solution:

    <Sign><Integer Thousand><Decimals>% on the Format property
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