Some info on one codebase Dynamics ERP

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    Sounds like that article is something that the reporter had laying around when they covered project green a few years ago. Interesting to learn that NAV and AX are sharing a code base :mrgreen:
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    The article mentions that they share the same UI, which is the new client for Nav and AX, which is true.
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    Darren_LaybournDarren_Laybourn Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 4
    The Dynamics products definitely share a common UI Design Philosphy and many of the controls and components are actually the exact same binaries.

    One of our goals is to share more and more code and designs between the products. Each product is moving forward in different areas at different paces.

    On UI the NAV team is pushing a little further towards our shared design goals.

    On Reporting and Workflow the AX team is moving further.

    In both cases, that trail blazing will be able to be used by the other teams in their future releases. Operating this way will allow us to deliver more value in each of the products in the future.

    The products continue to each be supported going forward, but each get the opportunity to utilize the shared code to improve the value proposition for their customers.
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