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I need to correct the cost for some Item Ledger Entries. I am using the Reevaluation Journal and selecting the entries I want to adjust.
Navision brings in everything you need including the Posting Date. The problem is that some of these entries are in months now closed. So posting them will change that.
One way to do it is to take Automatic Cost Posting off and post the journal and then run Post Inv Cost to G/L within this month. But then Inventory and G/L won't match by month.
Anyone know what would happen if I changed the posting date on the Reevaluation Journal?

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    I wouldn't do it. It's un-editable for a reason. But if you must, do it in a copy and run adjust cost and inventory value, inventory to GL. all of it to make sure that they are all correct.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
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