Customize size not displaying in Report PaperSize property

upasanisandipupasanisandip Member Posts: 405
Hi everybody,
I have created one custom size on one machine (10x12) as per clients computer stationery.

When I select report's PaperSize property it is not displaying there?

Anyone faced this problem?



  • idiotidiot Member Posts: 651
    Navision does not allow you to use custom paper size
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  • awarnawarn Member Posts: 261
    You need to set up the printer to use this size, and then use this printer for the report. If you set up the printer as the default printer for the report (Printer Selections), then when you preview the report it will use the settings fo the printer. So do not change the papersize on the report, just design the report as normal and use a printer whose default paper is the 10x12.

  • ABZABZ Member Posts: 3
    I have the same problem tow
    with a <matriciel> printer with paper size 21x23
    and i can't make a personalized size with this printer
    anyone have an idea ?
  • upasanisandipupasanisandip Member Posts: 405
    Hi ABZ,
    Open the Printers and Faxes window,
    Select File -> Server Properties,
    Clieck on the Create New Form Check box, type the size you need
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