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Hi Experts,

navision experts u are giving awesome support to navision learners, who getting some troubles on working navision.Many person giving worderful solutions and suggestion. With that suggestions and solutions u can get positive result what u want. Here i would like to tell before u change the subject to solved , just addname of that expert. that means from whom u got good solution.
Like this

[solved by ram ] use of sku

In this case i would like to appreciate Reema, lally. Both persons following in tha same way. Why dont we follow. like below

[solved by savatage]Date Compress reports - lally
[Solved by Ara3n] Blanket order to Sales order - reema

What do u think about this one.
Thanks and regards


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    roshanthaparoshanthapa Member Posts: 90
    Good Work Hansika. I think this idea is very good.

    I agree with you Hansika. There are so many solutions that may or may not work [No intention to make anyone inferior, please]. With such convention, the other readers will be able to know which was the best/exact soution to the problem.
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    roshanthaparoshanthapa Member Posts: 90
    I would like to add one more point to it.

    When someone gets it solved by himself/herself, s/he can put the solution at the last reply so that anyone who faces same problem also gets help. Better try to explain too.

    I am now going to follow these conventions.
    Any other suggestions folks?

    Thanx Hansika.
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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    This is really a general chat post.

    But I'll add in, that I think solved is enough (for me).

    Lots of people might know an answer but most of the times it's based on who get's to it first. Personally I feel embarassed when I see solved by savatage. :oops:

    A simple thanks is more than enuf. I'm personally not looking for any personal praise if I can help someone with a problem. I'm just glad I COULD help a little. O:)
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    hansikahansika Member Posts: 373
    Hi Savatage,

    Just I heard Great persons doesnot want fame . Now it proved with u r explanation. U want only Solved . But we would like to say special thanks in this way. This is our wish .
    we dont want to praise personally , U had provided solution to that query. That person said thanks in that way.

    Lots of people might know an answer but most of the times it's based on who get's to it first.[/b] - this is true. I agree with u.
    Already mibuso has great experts in navision.
    If we follow in this way some more experts will join in mibuso to share their suggestions and experience to freshers.

    Thanks and regards
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    Luc_VanDyckLuc_VanDyck Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 3,633
    The Topic-title is sometimes not long enough to hold the complete title. If you are going to add the username of the one that solved the topic, you'll sometimes need to remove a part of the title.

    I think SOLVED is enough to add to the topic. You can always reply to the thread, telling how you solved the issue, and who has helped you getting on the right track.
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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    I personally think the best way to end a thread is to put a final reply in there with an explanation of what you ended up doing, which is especially useful when multiple people suggest different things. To me it is always frustrating when a topic says 'solved', but the solution is not actually in there.

    So if you end up following Harry's advice, you say something like:
    Thanks for all the suggestions. We ended up doing X, Y and Z, just like Harry suggested.
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    Timo_LässerTimo_Lässer Member Posts: 481
    Nobody takes an advantage from a "[solved] thread" if there is no possible solution given.
    Therefore we ask our members in our community to tell us the solution which solves the problem.
    If the asking member has posted the solution we delete the "reminder topic" because it is no longer needed.
    So everybody gets a possible way to solve the problem and we hold the forum clean from "reminder topics".
    Therefore our moderator team uses the "bookmark MOD" to track the reminded topics and check them continuously.

    As well our moderator team asks the forum starter to edit the origin post and to put [solved] (respectively [Gelöst] in german) at the beginning of the title, so everybody can see (e. g. in the search results) that there is a possible solution given.
    Also in this case we remove the reminder if the title has been edited.

    In the majority of cases the members post the solution / edit the origin post.

    I hope, I could give some suggestions for the mibuso team and all the members here for to boost the quality of this community.

    In my opinion there is no need to include the name of the author of the solution in the title.
    It would be enough if the member reply with his/her thanks to the helping post.
    On the other hand - as Luc has posted - is the space for the topic title limited. So it should contain more informations about the problem than about the solution (and its author).
    Timo Lässer
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer since 1997
    MSDynamics.de - German Microsoft Dynamics Community - member of [clip]
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