Navision consolidation demo database !

Francis_KONHAWAFrancis_KONHAWA Member Posts: 29
Can someone provide me with the Navision demo databases that should be used for conslidation purposes ? These databases backups are named : CONSOL_Demo Backup.Fbk and IC_BASICADV_Backup.fbk.

Really need these stuffs please !!!
Best Regards

Francis K.


  • TomasTomas Member Posts: 420
    Well, I was looking for consolidation demo backup today as well. I've located in on partnersource database, so if you have access to it, you can download it from here.
    It's Navision 4.0 Consolidation Demo Script. However, when you will open word document, you will be able to extract backup of database as well.

    And now question for experts - can I use it for Navision 5.0 as well (as I was not able to find newer version).
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