SETFILTER Command for German Language

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I have created a report which run perfectly in English Language, but when I switch the Language to German I'm getting below error message:

"Die Wahlöglichkeit 'Order' ist nicht vorhanden.
Die Wahlmöglichkeiten sind:

Angebot, Auftrag, Rechung, Guntschrift, Rahmenauftrag, Reklamation"

When I run the debugger, the problem is coming from below code:

SalesHdr.SETFILTER("Document Type",'Order');
PurchHdr.SETFILTER("Document Type",'Order');

Please advise correct syntax so I can execute in German language.




  • strykstryk Member Posts: 645
    jnario wrote:
    SalesHdr.SETFILTER("Document Type",'Order');
    PurchHdr.SETFILTER("Document Type",'Order');

    "Option" fields are internally saved as Integer. As you see, it is possible to have an imlicit conversion from textual expression into the numeric value, but the "Text" is according to the language layer.

    You should change the code into this:
    SalesHdr.SETRANGE("Document Type", SalesHdr."Document Type"::Order);
    PurchHdr.SETRANGE("Document Type", PurchHdr."Document Type"::Order)

    This should solve the problem.

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  • jnariojnario Member Posts: 21
    Thank you very much. It works.

    Your'e help is very much well appreciated.

    Great website.
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