Simple Code for an date field in Sales Line?

adamEthanadamEthan Member Posts: 104
Hello everyone,

I don't believe I'm just "missing" this field, but we have a need for a date field that will autopopulate upon the sales line's creation- yet is unchangeable.

I will create aging reports etc from this date; essentially a tool to determine how long lines are left unprocessed.

this seems like it would be very simple, but since i'm a novice at coding and don't quite have the time i was wondering if someone could help me out. Our implementer is overwhelmed with too many clients, and if we asked for their assistance, it'd be months.

we'd be willing to pay for more advanced programming

as always!



ps: this field would need to populate across to posted invoices/shipments also.


  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    Add a field called 'Date Created'. In the OnInsert trigger program:
    "Date Created" := TODAY;
    Make the field non-editable. Add the same field, with the same number to the posted records, and you should be all set. The system should move data from the order table to the posted documents tables as long as they have the same field number (and name, and type).
  • adamEthanadamEthan Member Posts: 104
    great! thanks!

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