Manufacturing process - WIP tracking for semi-processed FG

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Dear Users,

I m having the following query,

I have a manufacturing process for item A which goes to 3 different process (ie., 3 different operations in teh routing). Now i have posted the output of the first operation for a qty of 100 (Example). It is yet to go for 2 more operations. At this stage how to track how much interms of Qty and cost of semi-processed item A available in the shop floor ?

In a simpler way to ask.. where can i see the semi-finished inventory after posting the output of the first process (out of 3) ?

Would appreciate if any one could help me.

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  • ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,255
    You won't see the output qty until you post your output journal.

    As far has costing information goes. You can look at capacity ledger entry.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
    Independent Consultant/Developer

  • ayhan06ayhan06 Member Posts: 210
    use report "Inventory Valuation - WIP"-5802 for WIP costs.. as far as i know, there is no standard report for WIP quantities.
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