New Release Date for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.1

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What many people already assumed is confirmed by Microsoft: The releacse date for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.1 has been changed to Q4 CY2008.

The development team needs more time to maintain quality, simplicity and performance as we are used too of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Also, it's officially announced that there is going to be a 5.0 SP1, scheduled in the first wave of countries in Q1 CY2008.

My opinion:
The key points in a Dynamics NAV environment (for me) is simplicity and quality. If it becomes all of a sudden too complicated to upgrade/develop/change business rules/whatever ... Then I would prefer NOT to have a new sexy release of NAV.

A few key changes:
○ Release date: Q4 CY2008.
○ New code name: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 6.0 (much better, because it definitally is a major release)
○ 5.0 SP1: Q4 CY2008.
○ It could be that the final product name is going to take over the "year versioning" (like office 2007)
○ You can find the new release schedule here.
○ For partners: there is going to be a technical preview in H1 CY2008 to allow more time for readiness and preparation.
○ ...

If you have other questions, let me try to answer them.

Again, for all of you NAV addicts ... I know many people are disappointed, but I also know that Microsoft does this for the best ... . This IS the right decision. Better no product than a product full of bugs!

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